Supporting families through pregnancy, childbirth, and parenting

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Why mamaKNOWS?

mamaKNOWS was set up to:

  • provide evidence-based information to educate new and expectant parents and enable them to make informed and empowering decisions related to their family
  • promote practices that enhance the physical and mental health of children in Malta from before birth, such as healthy pregnancy, non-medicalised birth, breastfeeding, attachment parenting, and quality childcare
  • design, implement, and promote initiatives that result in healthier mums, healthier babies, healthier families, and hence a healthier society
  • empower women in general by making them aware of their importance in contributing to decision-making processes related to the health of their families and to their own contribution to Maltese society.

Imagine feeling relaxed, calm, & confident on your journey through motherhood!

... as you nurture your baby or child, gently and safely, with respect for their needs as you balance your own.

Stop imagining - or beating yourself up with feelings of guilt and self-doubt - you have the power within you to be exactly the parent you want to be!

Whether you are planning the birth of your first baby, getting to know your precious newborn, or adapting to the changes as your baby grows into an adventurous toddler, mamaKNOWS can show you simple, practical strategies to breastfeed with ease, to help your baby sleep naturally without tears (for you or your child), and how you can save time and energy (whether you have one child or several),  so you can ENJOY this very precious time with your family.

As a single mother of four small kids, I know exactly how it feels to be at the front-line – day and night!  I understand the balancing act between meeting your child's needs and taking care of yourself and I can empathise with the enormous pressure you feel to get everything 'right' amidst the confusion you feel when you are being bombarded by conflicting information.

All information presented in our courses is based on the latest research. However, it is presented so simply that even in a muddled new mama state, you will quickly feel in charge; you will bond deeply with your baby (even after a difficult beginning); you will enjoy precious moments of delight with your little one and your confidence will soar!


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